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Jesus Turned Water Into Coffee

by christgeoradio

“SORRY, FOLKS,” ANNOUNCED a barista to a crowd of customers inside a posh coffee shop. “There’s no coffee today. The supplier didn’t deliver the beans.”

“That can’t be!” yelled one client while stomping his fist on the counter.

“We need our caffeine fix this morning, or we won’t be able to go through our day!”

“Yeah!” chorused a crowd, mostly wearing their business attires with their laptops.

The customers turned their heads toward the door when Jesus entered and the crowd parted like the Red Sea to give way to the bearded fellow.

“What’s the problem here?” asked Jesus. “We’ve run out of coffee!” exclaimed the troubled barista.

“Give everyone a mug of water,” instructed Jesus. Jesus snapped his fingers once everybody got a mug at hand and beheld—the water in their cups turned into coffee!

“What?” whined a majority in the crowd. “This isn’t the coffee I want!”

“I want a cappuccino!” yelled several others.

“Macchiato!” shouted a faction. “Latte!” howled dozens of others.

Jesus left the coffee shop unnoticed as the crowd became more upset. When the customers looked at their mugs, they realized their coffee had turned to water again.


SOME CHRISTIANS CAN’T appreciate God’s gifts because they are focused on the ones they don’t have. People make thousands of choices each day. Discontent comes easy when their choices fall short of their expectations.

There is always a reason to be frustrated – we didn’t get to drink the coffee we want or wear the brand of jeans that we prefer. How many times has Jesus come to us with a cup of fresh coffee which he brewed? Yet, instead of being grateful, we push it aside because what we wanted was a cappuccino or latte. In our daily life, often, he turns our water into coffee in countless ways.

Small miracles abound, and graces are like low-hanging fruits that surround us. Yet, none of these seem to matter because we are so attached to our preferences, and unless we get precisely what we want, we fall into discontentment. Before you push aside the cup of coffee that Jesus served you, taste it first. You might find out that it’s the best tasting coffee that you’ve ever had.


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Elise June 17, 2021 - 9:42 am

When I became a single Mama, with two kiddos under the age of 5, I became even more passionate about wildcrafting herbs and gardening. I used the food stamps to provide nutrient-dense foods for my wee family, but I kept them outside, in the forest, and in the gardens, intending to imprint God’s Ever-Present Bounty and Grace into their developing souls. Gratitude for what is Given is indeed a key to Understanding and then Knowing that Bounty is in the very Name of Jesus. Thanks, Leo, for highlighting that God’s Abundance Overflows and Praising Him in every breath is vital!

DonnaClassica June 24, 2021 - 1:25 pm

Great point of truth, Leo, and a fun way to grab our attention! I laughed out loud when I read the caption, and it drew me in to read it. 🙂 Thanks for the dose of spiritual caffeine!

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