About Us

ChristGEO™ was founded for the purpose of bringing Christ into the homes and hearts of individuals, families and businesses throughout the world while utilizing education, entertainment and wholesome Christian social interaction of the highest quality.

Our Story

Here at ChristGEO™ we pride ourselves in structuring a culture within our business. Creating a culture that we believe would most closely represents what Jesus would want us to do. We prioritize the Word Of God. We prioritize family matters. Finally, we prioritize everything we can possibly do, allowing our staff to accelerate in their careers with ChristGEO™.

Christian Based

A community of like minded Christians with similar values and goals.

Warm Staff

Loving, caring staff to guide you through your next adventure with us.

No.1 In family fun

Keep the kids busy with friends while the adults can chat and relax.

Health & Wellness Focus

Staying active and being social is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Great Culture

Our culture seeks eternal life and a personal relationship with God.

Global Hubs

Offering community connections to all you travel destinations.

Creating Events All around the world

People make the party

Join The Family
Lots Of Smiles

Bringing joy into the hearts of individuals and families around the world